Lyttelton Port of Christchurch
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Shipping Forecast

Report Last Updated: Thursday, 26 November 2015, 04:58:30

Oceanic Shipping
ASPHALT EAGLEOil Berth26/11/15 13:30:00- Unknown - 27/11/15 01:30:00TaurangaQuadrant Pacific LtdPETROLEUM
YANGTZE PIONEERNo 2 East26/11/15 14:30:00Tauranga30/11/15 13:00:00WellingtonNautilus Shipping AgencyLOGS
ROMANDIENo 7 East26/11/15 17:30:00- Unknown - 27/11/15 14:00:00TimaruSouthern Maritime ServicesFERTILIZER
OOCL SAVANNAHCashin Quay 426/11/15 23:45:00Port Chalmers27/11/15 12:00:00NapierISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
BRITISH HARMONYOil Berth27/11/15 07:30:00Tauranga28/11/15 04:00:00WellingtonISS-McKay LtdPETROLEUM
CMA CGM LAVENDERCashin Quay 427/11/15 13:00:00Napier28/11/15 00:00:00ManzanilloSeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
TRANS FUTURE 5Cashin Quay 127/11/15 14:00:00Auckland28/11/15 23:00:00WellingtonISS-McKay LtdCARS MDF
LARS MAERSKCashin Quay 327/11/15 21:30:00Tauranga28/11/15 20:30:00Port ChalmersISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
TOREAOil Berth28/11/15 04:30:00Marsden Point28/11/15 18:00:00NelsonCoastal Oil Logistics LtdPETROLEUM
CETUS STARNo 7 East28/11/15 05:30:00New Plymouth29/11/15 23:00:00SeaWilhelmsen Ship ServicesBREAK BULK
DESERT ROSENo 2 West28/11/15 07:30:00Sea15/12/15 TBASeaIndependent FisheriesFISH
SPIRIT OF CANTERBURYCashin Quay 428/11/15 22:30:00Auckland29/11/15 15:00:00NelsonPacificaLCT CONTAINERS
STENA PROVENCEOil Berth29/11/15 22:30:00Napier30/11/15 14:00:00BluffISS-McKay LtdPETROLEUM
CAP CORALCashin Quay 429/11/15 23:30:00Auckland30/11/15 22:00:00NapierHamburg SudLCT CONTAINERS
KAKARIKIOil Berth30/11/15 09:30:00Marsden Point01/12/15 09:00:00DunedinCoastal Oil Logistics LtdPETROLEUM
GLENGYLENo 3 West30/11/15 22:30:00New Plymouth02/12/15 06:00:00- Unknown - ISS-McKay LtdBREAK BULK
MSC CORINNACashin Quay 330/11/15 23:30:00Timaru01/12/15 07:00:00WellingtonMediterranean Shipping LtdLCT CONTAINERS
ANL ECHUCACashin Quay 301/12/15 05:30:00Auckland01/12/15 19:00:00NelsonSeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
CHENANNo 7 East01/12/15 23:30:00Napier02/12/15 23:00:00NelsonQuadrant Pacific LtdBREAK BULK
ARAGOOil Berth02/12/15 06:00:00New Plymouth02/12/15 18:00:00DunedinCape ShippingLPG
STADT FREIBURGCashin Quay 302/12/15 23:00:00Auckland03/12/15 TBAWellingtonNYK LinesLCT CONTAINERS
JPO PISCESCashin Quay 303/12/15 TBAPort Chalmers04/12/15 TBANapierSeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
LEXA MAERSKCashin Quay 404/12/15 TBATauranga05/12/15 TBAPort ChalmersISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
SPIRIT OF CANTERBURYCashin Quay 405/12/15 TBAAuckland06/12/15 TBANelsonPacificaLCT CONTAINERS
DL MARIGOLDNo 7 East06/12/15 TBANew Plymouth07/12/15 TBATimaruSouthern Maritime ServicesUREA
LEDACashin Quay 106/12/15 TBASea08/12/15 TBASeaNZ ShipCOAL
MSC CARLA 3Cashin Quay 406/12/15 TBATimaru06/12/15 TBANelsonMediterranean Shipping LtdLCT CONTAINERS
IVS KANDANo 7 East06/12/15 TBANew Plymouth09/12/15 TBA- Unknown - Wilhelmsen Ship ServicesBREAK BULK
MOL DESTINYCashin Quay 407/12/15 TBAAuckland08/12/15 TBANapierMitsui Osk Lines (NZ) LtdLCT CONTAINERS
ANL ELINGACashin Quay 308/12/15 TBAAuckland08/12/15 TBANelsonSeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
ADRIA ACECashin Quay 208/12/15 TBAWellington09/12/15 TBANelsonMitsui Osk Lines (NZ) LtdCARS
TOREAOil Berth08/12/15 TBAAuckland09/12/15 TBA- Unknown - Coastal Oil Logistics LtdLPG
MORNING MIRACLECashin Quay 109/12/15 TBAAuckland09/12/15 TBAWellingtonISS-McKay LtdCARS
SRI LANKACashin Quay 409/12/15 TBAAuckland10/12/15 TBAWellingtonAmerican President LineLCT CONTAINERS
ARAGOOil Berth10/12/15 TBANew Plymouth10/12/15 TBADunedinCape ShippingLPG
KOTA LIHATCashin Quay 410/12/15 TBAPort Chalmers11/12/15 TBANapierISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
HAMMONIA ANTOFAGASTACashin Quay 311/12/15 TBANapier12/12/15 TBAManzanilloSeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
TRANS FUTURE 7Cashin Quay 112/12/15 TBAAuckland12/12/15 TBAWellingtonISS-McKay LtdCARS
LEDA MAERSKCashin Quay 412/12/15 TBATauranga13/12/15 TBAPort ChalmersISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
SPIRIT OF CANTERBURYCashin Quay 412/12/15 TBAAuckland13/12/15 TBANelsonPacificaLCT CONTAINERS
MILBURN CARRIER 2No 1 Breastwork13/12/15 TBAWestport14/12/15 TBATimaruHolcim NZ LTDCEMENT
CONTI EMDENCashin Quay 413/12/15 TBATimaru14/12/15 TBANelsonMediterranean Shipping LtdLCT CONTAINERS
HS BAFFINCashin Quay 314/12/15 TBAAuckland15/12/15 TBANapierCoscoLCT CONTAINERS
TOREAOil Berth14/12/15 TBAMarsden Point15/12/15 TBAWellingtonCoastal Oil Logistics LtdPETROLEUM
ANL ELANORACashin Quay 315/12/15 TBAAuckland15/12/15 TBANelsonSeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
ITALICANo 7 East15/12/15 TBASea17/12/15 TBASeaLyttelton Marine & ShippingPERSONNEL
MAINSTREAMNo 3 East15/12/15 TBASea17/12/15 TBASeaIndependent FisheriesFISH
KOTA LESTARICashin Quay 416/12/15 TBAAuckland17/12/15 TBAWellingtonISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
IVAN GOLUBETSNo 3 East17/12/15 TBASea19/12/15 TBASeaIndependent FisheriesFISH
ARAGOOil Berth17/12/15 TBANew Plymouth17/12/15 TBADunedinCape ShippingLPG
CMA CGM PUGETCashin Quay 317/12/15 TBAPort Chalmers18/12/15 TBANapierSeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
KAKARIKIOil Berth17/12/15 TBAMarsden Point18/12/15 TBABluffCoastal Oil Logistics LtdLPG
HARMONY ACECashin Quay 119/12/15 TBAWellington19/12/15 TBANelsonMitsui Osk Lines (NZ) LtdCARS
LAUST MAERSKCashin Quay 419/12/15 TBATauranga20/12/15 TBAPort ChalmersISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
SPIRIT OF CANTERBURYCashin Quay 419/12/15 TBAAuckland20/12/15 TBANelsonPacificaLCT CONTAINERS
CALICANTO BRIDGECashin Quay 420/12/15 TBATimaru21/12/15 TBANelsonMediterranean Shipping LtdLCT CONTAINERS
CAP CAMPBELLCashin Quay 421/12/15 TBAAuckland22/12/15 TBANapierHamburg SudLCT CONTAINERS
DORIC LIBERTYCashin Quay 121/12/15 TBASea24/12/15 TBASeaRuss & SomersCOAL
ARAONNo 7 East21/12/15 TBASea24/12/15 TBA- Unknown - ISS-McKay LtdPERSONNEL
ANL ECHUCACashin Quay 322/12/15 TBAAuckland22/12/15 TBANelsonSeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
TOREAOil Berth24/12/15 TBA- Unknown - 24/12/15 TBA- Unknown - Coastal Oil Logistics LtdLPG
XIN CHANG SHACashin Quay 424/12/15 TBAPort Chalmers25/12/15 TBANapierWilhelmsen Ship ServicesLCT CONTAINERS
MOZARTCashin Quay 425/12/15 TBANapier26/12/15 TBAManzanilloSeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
Coastal Shipping
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