Lyttelton Port of Christchurch
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Shipping Forecast

Report Last Updated: Friday, 25 April 2014, 04:17:26

Oceanic Shipping
QUEEN HALOCashin Quay 125/04/14 10:30:00Sea28/04/14 03:00:00SeaWilhemsen Ship ServicesCOAL
MERKUR BAYCashin Quay 425/04/14 13:15:00Napier25/04/14 22:00:00ManzanilloOcean BridgeLCT CONTAINERS
MILBURN CARRIER 2No 1 Breastwork25/04/14 21:00:00Wellington26/04/14 17:00:00WestportHolcim NZ LTDCEMENT
ARDMORE SEAFAREROil Berth25/04/14 23:30:00Yeosu26/04/14 22:00:00WellingtonQuadrant Pacific LtdPETROLEUM
LEDA MAERSKCashin Quay 426/04/14 05:30:00Auckland26/04/14 21:00:00Port ChalmersISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
MSC ASTRIDCashin Quay 427/04/14 15:30:00Timaru28/04/14 23:00:00NapierMediterranean Shipping LtdLCT CONTAINERS
THE WORLDNo 7 East28/04/14 07:30:00Kaikoura29/04/14 23:45:00AkaroaISS-McKay LtdPASSENGERS
DIVINE ACECashin Quay 128/04/14 12:30:00Auckland28/04/14 20:30:00NelsonMitsui Osk Lines (NZ) LtdCARS
MILBURN CARRIER 2No 1 Breastwork28/04/14 12:45:00Westport01/05/14 19:30:00WestportHolcim NZ LTDCEMENT
ALCYONENo 2 East28/04/14 13:30:00- Unknown - 30/04/14 01:00:00NapierSouthern Maritime ServicesFERTILIZER
IRVINGANo 3 East29/04/14 07:00:00Sea28/05/14 TBASeaIndependent FisheriesLAYUP
SPIRIT OF INDEPENDENCECashin Quay 429/04/14 07:00:00Auckland29/04/14 19:00:00NelsonPacificaLCT CONTAINERS
ANL BENALLACashin Quay 429/04/14 17:30:00Wellington30/04/14 07:00:00SydneySeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
KAKARIKIOil Berth29/04/14 23:30:00Napier30/04/14 12:00:00Marsden PointCoastal Oil Logistics LtdPETROLEUM
GREENERY SEANo 2 East30/04/14 01:30:00- Unknown - 01/05/14 20:00:00WellingtonRuss & SomersLOGS
KOTA LIHATCashin Quay 430/04/14 19:00:00Auckland01/05/14 19:00:00WellingtonISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
CORCOVADOCashin Quay 401/05/14 19:30:00Port Chalmers02/05/14 TBANapierSeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
TRANS FUTURE 6Cashin Quay 102/05/14 TBAAuckland02/05/14 TBAWellingtonISS-McKay LtdCARS
WESTPORTNo 1 Breastwork02/05/14 TBANelson03/05/14 TBAWestportHolcim NZ LTDCEMENT
LAUST MAERSKCashin Quay 403/05/14 TBAAuckland04/05/14 TBAPort ChalmersISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
CORAL EMERALDCashin Quay 104/05/14 TBA- Unknown - 07/05/14 TBA- Unknown - NZ ShipCOAL
CITRUS EXPRESSOil Berth04/05/14 TBASingapore04/05/14 TBAWellingtonISS-McKay LtdPETROLEUM
MARE BRITANNICUMCashin Quay 404/05/14 TBATimaru05/05/14 TBANapierMediterranean Shipping LtdLCT CONTAINERS
JPO TUCANACashin Quay 405/05/14 TBAAuckland06/05/14 TBANapierCoscoLCT CONTAINERS
CATHRIN OLDENDORFFNo 2 East05/05/14 TBATauranga06/05/14 TBASeaRuss & SomersBREAK BULK
GENCO SUGARNo 2 East05/05/14 TBATimaru06/05/14 TBASeaRuss & SomersUREA
GLORIOUS SUNLIGHTNo 2 East05/05/14 TBANew Plymouth06/05/14 TBASeaSouthern Maritime ServicesUREA
SPIRIT OF INDEPENDENCECashin Quay 406/05/14 TBAAuckland06/05/14 TBANelsonPacificaLCT CONTAINERS
HANSA CENTURYCashin Quay 406/05/14 TBAWellington07/05/14 TBASydneyMediterranean Shipping LtdLCT CONTAINERS
GARDENIA ACECashin Quay 107/05/14 TBAWellington07/05/14 TBAYokohamaMitsui Osk Lines (NZ) LtdCARS
KOTA LESTARICashin Quay 407/05/14 TBAAuckland08/05/14 TBAWellingtonISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
CHENGTUNo 7 East08/05/14 TBANapier10/05/14 TBANelsonQuadrant Pacific LtdBREAK BULK
MAEAOil Berth08/05/14 TBANew Plymouth08/05/14 TBADunedinCape ShippingLPG
HANSA LIBERTYCashin Quay 408/05/14 TBAPort Chalmers09/05/14 TBANapierSeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
LIBERTYCashin Quay 109/05/14 TBASea09/05/14 TBASeaISS-McKay LtdCARS
DARYA LOKCashin Quay 109/05/14 TBASea12/05/14 TBASeaISS-McKay LtdCOAL
LANGEOOGCashin Quay 309/05/14 TBASea12/05/14 TBASeaOcean BridgeBREAK BULK
CMA CGM MANETCashin Quay 309/05/14 TBANapier10/05/14 TBAManzanilloSeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
LICA MAERSKCashin Quay 410/05/14 TBAAuckland11/05/14 TBAPort ChalmersISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
PRO EMERALDOil Berth10/05/14 TBA- Unknown - 11/05/14 TBAWellingtonQuadrant Pacific LtdPETROLEUM
TOREAOil Berth11/05/14 TBAMarsden Point11/05/14 TBADunedinCoastal Oil Logistics LtdPETROLEUM
MSC PATRICIACashin Quay 411/05/14 TBATimaru12/05/14 TBANapierMediterranean Shipping LtdLCT CONTAINERS
CAP CAMPBELLCashin Quay 412/05/14 TBAAuckland13/05/14 TBANapierHamburg SudLCT CONTAINERS
SPIRIT OF INDEPENDENCECashin Quay 413/05/14 TBAAuckland13/05/14 TBANelsonPacificaLCT CONTAINERS
GLORYCashin Quay 313/05/14 TBAWellington14/05/14 TBASydneyMediterranean Shipping LtdLCT CONTAINERS
MAEAOil Berth14/05/14 TBANew Plymouth14/05/14 TBADunedinCape ShippingLPG
OOCL NEW ZEALANDCashin Quay 414/05/14 TBAAuckland15/05/14 TBAWellingtonISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
CITY OF XIAMENCashin Quay 415/05/14 TBAWellington16/05/14 TBASydneyISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
AAL BRISBANENo 7 East16/05/14 TBAMelbourne17/05/14 TBAWellingtonAustral Asia LineBREAK BULK
LARS MAERSKCashin Quay 417/05/14 TBAAuckland18/05/14 TBAPort ChalmersISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
TRANS FUTURE 7Cashin Quay 117/05/14 TBAAuckland17/05/14 TBAWellingtonISS-McKay LtdCARS
AZALEA ACECashin Quay 118/05/14 TBAWellington18/05/14 TBAYokohamaMitsui Osk Lines (NZ) LtdCARS
MSC PRAGUECashin Quay 418/05/14 TBATimaru19/05/14 TBANapierMediterranean Shipping LtdLCT CONTAINERS
AGLAIACashin Quay 419/05/14 TBAAuckland20/05/14 TBANapierCoscoLCT CONTAINERS
ANL BENALLACashin Quay 420/05/14 TBAWellington21/05/14 TBASydneySeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
SPIRIT OF INDEPENDENCECashin Quay 420/05/14 TBAAuckland20/05/14 TBANelsonPacificaLCT CONTAINERS
JPO VOLANSCashin Quay 421/05/14 TBAAuckland22/05/14 TBAWellingtonNYK LinesLCT CONTAINERS
NOBLE REGORCashin Quay 422/05/14 TBAPort Chalmers23/05/14 TBANapierSeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
CMA CGM MATISSECashin Quay 423/05/14 TBANapier24/05/14 TBAManzanilloSeaway AgenciesLCT CONTAINERS
LEXA MAERSKCashin Quay 424/05/14 TBAAuckland25/05/14 TBAPort ChalmersISS-McKay LtdLCT CONTAINERS
MIYAKEOil Berth24/05/14 TBANew Plymouth24/05/14 TBADunedinCape ShippingLPG
Coastal Shipping
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